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Hello colleagues of the prestigious Concacaf Media, Concacaf Board members,
As you all know by now, the U-17 Haiti National team has been expelled from the world cup eliminatory games being held in Jamaica under the assumption that the whole team has contacted the disease called "Malaria." According to report, only two players were sick, and the hotel manager/owner chose to kick the whole team of the hotel premises, followed by the country's decision to expel the whole delegation back to Haiti. WOW!
Now that is "HUMILIATION at the HIGHEST level. I am taking this upon myself to bring this situation to the highest level for a solution, but before doing so, I would like to hear your opinion and/comments. I was not there, I cannot decide based on what is, or, has been printed.
This is a situation that needs to be looked into, a bit further.
Gentlemen, those of you who were there, please provide specific details. I would greatly appreciate it.
For the love of the sport, and the suffering my Country of Haiti has been the victim of, these types of behaviors are destructive and criminal. If there is war around the world, but there is that love that we share among us in Sports especially in the game of SOCCER. What happened to that love and caring among us? Not to mention the CARIBBEAN?
Gentlemen, the ball is in your 30 yards......
Kindly in Soccer,
Serge J. Breton.
Chief editor of WWW.LeJournalSportif.com