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  April 11, 2008

Thanks for being so efficient and professional !
July 6, 2008
Hi Serge(Trip coordinator extraordinary),
Thanks for all the information.  We appreciate all your efforts to make this trip fun and smooth sailing for all.
Anchors away!
Mina, Roland, and Wayne
August 18, 2008
Hi Serge, travel agent extraordinaire:
Extraordinaire is not a word in the English language but I made it up for you!  It means extraordinary, great, marvelous, wonderful, etc.
We really enjoyed the Alaska cruise. It was great!  We viewed the pictures of the trip on your web site. They are beautiful!
Your 2009 Caribbean cruise looks good!  I see that you have included "mini suite" in the categories.  Good idea!  The mini suite is nice!  We are thinking about this cruise. We will let you know our decision soon.
Well, once again, let me say that we had a wonderful time on the Alaska cruise.
You really know how to take care of your people.(thumbs up)
Talk to you soon!